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We are working with some of the world's leading manufacturers to create advanced and functional waterfowl gear!


Innovation by Chemistry

Toray's tag-line says it all-Innovation by Chemistry! With our strong desire to develop an advanced waterfowl clothing line, there was no question about who we would pursue. Toray, and their incredible team, continue to raise the bar by creating some of the most exceptional products in the world, tested in unforgiving environments and conditions. We are working directly with Toray and their line of fabrics to design each garment to perform at its highest standard. 

Our goal with AVES is to be the lightest and most comfortable waterfowl layering system. We are honored to work with this team and look forward to creating new, advanced technical gear that changes the way you experience your hunt.  


Custom cases

Waterfowl accessories are a must if you want to be able to hunt efficiently! Tetrafab has helped us incorporate many of your ideas into a new bag for a more comfortable transport to and from the X.   

Tetrafab is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and over a 100 years of experience. With their dedication to quality, they implement a military 105-e inspection protocol on all outboard production runs. We are excited to work with Tetrafab to develop some new waterfowl accessories.


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