Stratum 50 Face Mask

Stratum 50 Face Mask


Stratum 50 Face Mask

We designed the Stratum 50 Face Mask to be an amazing early-mid season piece.

Designed to maximize concealment and keep your face, neck, and the back of your head extremely warm during those cooler hunts.


  • Toray’s 100% Polyester Karuishi Fleece

  • All Way Stretch

  • Raised Back Panel to keep the Mask in Place

  • Featured in AVES REFUGE ™ Camo for Ultimate Concealment in the Timber or Marsh

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AVES Stratum 50 Face Mask

Designed to maximize concealment, this mask was developed to allow the hunter to wear two different ways.

With the back of the mask having a raised panel, you can layer your hat or beanie over the back of the mask. This will allow you to pull the front down when calling, drinking coffee or eating a snack without having the back of the mask falling down. The cut is designed with a flat front and the sides taper up to completely cover the ears and back of the head without pinching or binding the mask.

If you prefer having a traditional flat face mask or simply wish to wear this piece as a neck gaiter, you can flip the mask over where the back flap drapes down the front of your neck. This will give the front of your neck additional warmth and protection from the wind. 

With this mask being 19" in total length, it is sure to cover your entire neck, face, and back of the head to maximize concealment and keep you extremely warm.